Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:13

Question: But nevertheless they are separated by some wave. Are they not separated? The conscious, the unconscious, and the superconscious, different wavelengths? There is something different about each one? Answer: It’s the rate, their velocity that differentiates them. That’s all. It’s a different rate of speed. This object varies from this object by a different rate of vibration. Yet atoms are the basis of its existence. Now, between the two and my atomic base, it’s only the rate of vibration that differentiates me. Now, your body and my body are both made of 16 basic chemical elements plus a few trace elements. Yet, I’ve got chalk in my body, you’ve got chalk in your body, we may call it calcium. Your whole skeletal structure is nothing but chalk, but look at the rate of the chalk in my hand to the rate of the chalk in the skeletal structure. That particular frequency is the differentiation, but it’s still the same substance. Equally true in consciousness. There is no real difference, just their rates of vibration. That’s why no one is unconscious.
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:13)

Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:10

(continued from last post)
Question from the audience: (Can’t hear) …subconscious, would you consider that as just underlying underneath consciousness or as inferior to consciousness? Answer: There is no inferior consciousness. Question: Ok, then could you fit it in like a subconscious acting on the consciousness anywhere in those numbers you have there or (can’t hear)… consciousness acting on consciousness? Answer: No, the word “sub” was named to classify something that is not acting on the surface level of your mechanism, but you’re never going to be unconscious in no way, shape, or form. When you are sound asleep you can say that that portion of your brain is sub-conscience functioning because you’re not aware of the environment, but that doesn’t say you don’t dream or you don’t think or feel. The word “sub” is just used to indicate something not acting on the outer surface, but that doesn’t say it’s unaware. It cannot be unaware. Question: In other words, it just another form of consciousness? Answer: No, it’s a rate of the wave within the brain structure. It’s a different rate. For instance, you have a radio. You ever seen the volume control and the switch, the variable condenser that turns this and finds the different stations? It’s actually… it’s only doing is that little unit in the back is like built out of a plate like that, that goes like this. Just the movement. Every time it shifts it’s a degree, some other wavelength comes in and one goes out, but that radio will pickup as long as that variable condenser turns. So equally true within the brain the pituitary gland is doing exactly that. Every time you shift by the idea programming which you implant into it, it will shift the level. So if you say now, “I want to sleep,” you’re telling the conscious part of your being to shutdown and allow the other part of being to come forward and if you want to stay awake, you still have to program the thing. For instance you want to get up at six o’clock in the morning or five o’clock so you’re going to set the alarm clock. Have you ever encountered the fact that you wake up five or six minutes before that alarm clock goes off, but this is just programming and shifting of the wavelength. It’s not unconscious, but you happen to be identified and feel safe in the conscious level of the wavelengths, the one on the surface areas in which you contact environment. You feel safer there. You feel like you have everything under your control.
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:10)

Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:08

(continued from last post)
We have an example like that. There was a Master called Babaji who lived in the mountains and there was a man who heard about him and he went looking for this Babaji. Eventually he did find Babaji with a few people and he said to him, “Alas I have found you Master. I’m glad I found you, would you initiate me, accept me as your student?” The Master looked at him and said… This is the first time they’re meeting you know. “I can’t accept you in your present condition.” So he says, “Master if you don’t accept me, I’ll kill myself. I jump over this mountain and kill myself.” You know what the Master said to him? “Jump!” Now if he doubted that this was Master Babaji sitting there and he jumped, he got no guarantee that that Master Babaji is going to help him, but he jumped without any doubt in his mind. The disciples around saw this was a pretty hard test for a man’s consciousness. Yet Babaji told them to bring the body back and they brought him back, he touched him and he says, “I have released you now from death. You are one of the immortal flock.” Instant resurrection, instant transformation of the cells became possible to that man. A Master would not do these things unless he’s helping the disciple across certain thought patterns and it’s not for show. It’s strictly the thought patterns that each one of us carry and we don’t know which one is going to block us when we are confronted with the Master’s answers.
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:08)

Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:06

(continued from last post)
Why? It could’ve been 1000 people, 5000 people, the idea behind it was to help that girl get past a mental block. Not so much the 1000 or 36 people that were fed. Even when Jesus did it, it was not so much because he wanted to feed that much people, there were some disciples in his own group of following, subconsciously wanted, because when he tell them to go and get bread they said they didn’t have enough money to buy enough bread for the group, showing their doubt or their lack of consciousness. You see? So he had to extend their awareness by performing it to satisfy them. The truth was same with the girl when he told her, “Go serve some carrot juice.” Now if the disciple, without question in thought, accepts the Master’s word, be he Hindu, Chinese, Jewish, or whatever he is. If you accept that word without one sense of doubt, instantaneously we have this realization.
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:06)

Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:04

One day some foreign visitors came to visit the retreat and she happened to be the girl of the day in his office. While they were talking and waiting he said to her, “Sister please serve some carrot juice.” So she went to the refrigerator and looked inside. There are no carrots except there was a small container, about 4 ounces of carrot juice, not enough to serve 36 people. Came back and said, “Master, there is no carrot juice.” In a very nonchalant way he says, “I said please serve carrot juice.” Now what you and I would do if you were in that position? You’d hope to stretch it with some water or go round up all over the ashram looking for carrots and grind it, but there weren’t any. So she’s going to go along in her mind she says that maybe Master is a great hypnotist and he’s going to pull off the greatest hypnotic act now. So she’s playing the act. She takes 36 containers down, the glasses, put them in front of her and she’s imagining that she’s filling them with the… They were filled and the container still retained the same amount but in her mind she’s already gone into what she thought is a subjective hypnotic state so she’s seeing pouring through and she might even say she’s hallucinating it. Put back the balance into the refrigerator. Actually none was taken out so. Came with the tray, she’s going through the motions in her mind, serve them all, they all drank carrot juice, and she brought the tray back, put it on the kitchen sink, and went back to listen to the Master talk. In evening time when everybody ready to go home, they all went away, but to her surprise she’s got 36 glasses to wash especially when carrot juice stains them. It takes you a long time to scrub it out. You see?
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:04)

Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:02

(continued from previous post)
If president Abraham Lincoln signs into effect a law and president Nixon signs into effect a law, is there any difference when they sign that law into effect? Would the people not obey it and respect it? Isn’t that what we placed him there in the first place for? God, the Creator, has designed out of His creativeness a level of Beingness called the Christ level, Consciousness acting. That Beingness acting on Consciousness, “You see Me you see the Father.” When the ego or the self, the little self, achieves that level, therefore we can say any ego can achieve and become the Christ in this universe. Just as any man can become THE President of the United States of America, but their specific role and the time cycle when they come to do their work varies. Those who are around Jesus have recorded many of His works and His sayings and those who are around Yogananda will vouch for the very same things that occurred in their life. One girl had a conflict with herself and she wanted to know why only Master Jesus fed people and they’ve never heard of any Saint feeding other people out of thin air. So although she was studying at the retreat of Yogananda, deep down in her heart a miracle like that would satisfy her and remove the doubt that Yogananda was any less or more than Jesus, or Jesus was any less or more.
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:02)

Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:00

Question from the audience, “The rose is also the symbol of love and I haven’t heard that word mentioned.” Answer: Yes, it is a symbol of the word Love, but if we don’t feel it, it’s only a word. Because God is Love, Beingness is Love. You see the total Beingness is Love, unmanifest, but nevertheless permeating everything and allowing everything to exist within itself. That’s why we use the word Love, we have to be conscious of a flow. (A moment of silence.) Answer your question? See it can’t be communicated by words no more. That’s why I said a Satsanga is an extrasensory experience too. Yes… Question from the audience, “Many times people wonder why Yogananda, who I call as Master, they feel that I am comparing him equal to Jesus. Can you show the relationship of Jesus as to Yogananda who was a realized Master?” Answer: In this country we have a statement that goes like this, “Any man can become the… something… of the United States of America?” The president? Alright, that’s an office. It’s the highest office this country has to offer any man or woman.
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 1:00)

Origins – October 9, 1971 – 58 minutes

Questions from the audience, “I notice you have roses there, can you explain the symbolism of the roses? Adano laughs… Answer: Ah. Yes, the rose is the symbol of prophecy and unfoldment and completion. It is above the lotus. The lotus is the symbol of purity and enlightenment, but anyone who has encountered any spiritual experience can vouch that the odor in that spiritual experience that they smell or do have, it’s the odor of roses. In the presence of any realized Master, the odor of the rose flows out. Paramahansa Yogananda had a chant in which he said this, “Heavenly Father permeate me with the odor of the rose.” That is better than Ban deodorant (laughter from the audience). Now I have a next preference for the rose because I live in Tyler Texas you know. It is the rose capital of the world.
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 58 minutes)

Origins – October 9, 1971 – 56 minutes

Now we have that same practical discipline in Western thinking if you take up the life of Jesus. He is a demonstration of that discipline because He mastered those disciplines to make it a living experience. That’s why he said, “I did not come to condemn or bring any new religion, I came to fulfill.” You see? He recognized the disciplines which you call yoga had to be applied to make that connection between Man and God. So reading the Eastern writings would help to give us a better understanding of what we have, but that is not enough, it’s the application. You see the emphasis in the East is not on conscious monitoring the Soul, the emphasis in the East is the Beingness of the Soul, which means you must get involved, you must start the process going in you. If you are consciously monitoring it, picking it apart, analyzing it, and try to calibrate it, and compare, then God will always seem as an experience way out in time in some remote region, never integrated with yourself and this has been the fault in Churchianity, not Christianity. Let’s clear that up, what’s Churchianity and Christianity. Christianity has never had a fault in itself.
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 56 minutes)

Origins – October 9, 1971 – 54 minutes

(Somebody asks: “What is that word Jiva up there?”) Yes, that is a sneak preview of tonight’s lecture. Jiva is Soul individualized, but how does that get caught up in this tremendous play of the Origin and its purpose? So when we come to tonight’s lecture, it’s based on the involvement of Jiva. “Ah Gee, I wish I wasn’t here…” (laughter) Any other questions? Yes… (Somebody asks a question that can’t be heard) It will help us to comprehend what we have. You see, we have all the information in the scriptures here, but it is not laid out in explicit terms. See because the writers were more involved in the symbology. Yet if you read the Eastern writings… You see when I started out as a Catholic, I was involved in reading it from the Catholic viewpoint and the symbols did not register in my inner being and therefore I thought Christianity had nothing to offer me. So I went eastward in my heritage thinking I’d find something greater. I didn’t find anything greater. All I found that a lack of communication between the two symbols, that essentially they were saying the same thing. That Eastern thinking had already had the same frame of reference, their terminology, but because they evolved a practical discipline to test that framework, it gave them what we call the edge on Western thinking.
— Adano Ley (Origins – October 9, 1971 – 54 minutes)