An Adano Ley Prayer

Divine Mother, we who are seeking into ourselves may stumble upon many, many mistakes over and over again, but without these mistakes we could never learn fortitude, endurance, understanding, enthusiasm, courage, and dignity. Therefore Divine Mother, the greater the challenge you present to us, the greater you supply us with understanding to meet the challenge. Let not this source of communication ever dry up or die out within us. Let us always be able to uncover the source of initiative, endurance, enthusiasm, creativity flowing from within ourselves. Let us always seek within the silent consciousness the intuitive nature that leads to the unerring decision. Beloved Masters we thank thee for thy presence. Bestow thy blessing upon this home in which this meeting is gathered. Meditation is the one source through which we can make contact, but greater than that we should be able to meditate wherever we are, under any condition. In the busy activities of life, the bond of communication should never be broken between man and the creator for the creator is in the man. May each one of us realize our higher cells (selves) as the true light of divinity.
— Adano Ley, (1965 Volume 2 Dreams, 17 minutes)

Life is Eternal

Now life is eternal. There is no death in life because every form of matter or structure of nature indicates life all the time. It’s constantly changing from one form into another. So there is no end, there is no death, but the eternal change life. So we see, since the eternal life principle is there and it’s inexhaustible, we recognize our relationship with it through the “I-Am-ness” of it and that I-Am-ness, being the self, communicates to its various levels of existence by thinking, by knowing, by feeling-reacting. Now feeling-reacting is the desire principle because without it there can be no thinking, there can be no knowing. God had to desire to create so that was a feeling-acting principle, but he had to think up what he had to create and he had to know what he created he had to satisfy and maintain, you see? So our cells as a whole is the result of these basic principles that constitute self, that constitute our I-Am-ness, that constitute the real I-Am in us and it’s this I-Am that is making us, moving us, and actually resolving us, and dissolving, and absolving us by its own natural momentum of rest. It goes out from rest into super activity and it returns back into rest by super activity. It takes super activity to withdraw from activity into rest. We have to do some form of activity, we have to perform some activity to withdraw from the realm of activity and the involvement in order to acquire the rest, inquire, or acquire this natural inner peace. This perspective of our beingness.
— Adano Ley (November 1968, Volume 5, Guru Disciple Relationship, 33 minutes)

Wanting to Be a Disciple

(continued from previous post)
Now all the Masters would say before you want to be a disciple, gain understanding, study everything, don’t become a disciple, don’t get interested in these things, try to know more about the mechanical world in which you live, try to learn, try and compare, analyze, then eventually evaluate. Once you evaluate if you can now see the relationship of this value in your association, then you have something to begin to control. So alright, there is a conflict that’s gonna happen. The man who abstains is adamant. He takes a stand. He doesn’t do this, he doesn’t do that, and what happens? We have a very inhibited individual sooner or later because here he is. Now the other one who is exposed to analysis will try and then he too will find out that he may be a victim of latent desires, that he cannot get rid of some of them, and he will be overindulging in one desire. Fooling himself that this is a means of escape from the other desire. You see? We do this too. I love peanut butter because I wouldn’t eat meat or I love this. You get caught up in one thing, sooner or later it becomes an indulgence justifying your action. Now this is again a problem. Now what you are trying to do finally in control is understanding the laws behind it and understanding its balance, then you decide inside. Not by extreme methods, you decide within yourself how to apply it to your life.
— Adano Ley (August 1968, Intuition 1, 14 minutes)

A Principal of Truth About Self

First you have a principal of truth about self. That is “man must achieve understanding of himself.” Now this a principle to which he is dedicating his life to. How would he go about it? One, by algebraic methods of elimination. If you want to find an unknown quantity, you put down X and you try a process of elimination, not this, not that, not this, not that. So you come down to what X really is. This is one process. Now, then the next process is to refrain from, that is a total abstinence and therefore shrink yourself down into what you involve yourself with. This is another method. Now this doesn’t say that these methods are incorrect or the ideal methods or are the universal methods. These are natural, biological functions which our mechanism gravitate to. You see? Now, the third method is called the method of control. Control has to do now with understanding the scientific laws. It has to do with understanding first.
— Adano Ley (August 1968, Intuition 1, 12 minutes)

The Real Bible Is a Human Body

Now, Master Yogananda used to say, “the Bible is a book, but the real Bible is a human body.” Now, but the Living Bible is the example of one verse. Now, “meekly wait and murmur not” is a verse in that Bible, make your life an example of that. You are a living Bible because that itself is miraculous, it can control the universe. Anything would vibrate from that nature. To take one line and live. Now, this is a harder process. This is something that requires a re-evaluation of what I am, why am I get caught up in such a mechanism called flesh, and what really I’m going to do with it. Now who am I supposed to be involved with in this particular association? Now, the goal of this whole association is towards realization of one’s self and you call it self realization. Now, alright, self realization in another way can mean total memory. It can also be classified as cosmic consciousness.
— Adano Ley (August 1968, Intuition 1, 10 minutes)

To Have or To Have Not

You see, to have or to have not. Our whole lives are concentrated on “having” so we still believe we have a soul, when we are soul. Now if you are soul, then to live the life of soul is a different process. It’s a different sense of focus. It’s a different sense of evaluation. It’s no longer emotion with passion. It’s a reverse emotion which becomes devotion now by contemplation. You see you can be in the world and not be of the world, but that doesn’t say you’re a cold potato. You can stay in this world of pure love and at the same time you can be in love or be loved or wanting to be loved and the three last statements are all ego. The first one has no ego. If you are love, what are you? Consciousness. You’re not imposing, not requiring, in fact you’re the first to serve. You’re giving and that’s what the Masters would say, free to give, free to receive, better to give better than to receive. Consciousness gives, consciousness don’t ask. Consciousness responds. It’s never demanding because there is no demand for it. It is consciousness, you see.
— Adano Ley (August 1968, Intuition 1, 6 minutes)

A Hospital for Sick Souls

You see, Master once said when a man said to him, “Master you are fortunate to have so many beautiful souls around you in a beautiful ashram, praying and meditating all day.” He says, “Impossible, this is only a hospital for sick soul and this universe is that, a place for sick souls, once it’s healed and can stand on its own, it doesn’t need a universe, it goes on.” Freedom. You see you’re not going to be freed from anything, you’re going to be free for responsibility. Who thinks he is free from responsibility is only fooling himself. He’s a weak person already because he’s hiding like the ostrich with his head in the ground, running from the lion who’ll eventually beat him. You see, a lion is chasing the ostrich and he outruns the lion and then buries his head in the ground as he’s going to hide and out comes the lion and devours him. He didn’t free from the lion. Our consciousness is pushing us this way. There’s a big difference in understanding ourselves.
— Adano Ley (August 1968, Intuition 1, 4 minutes)

The Two Optical Nerves of the Eyes

When the two optical nerves of the eyes are focused, like lenses of a camera through the aid of light, the photosynthesis and the negative function of the eyes act as a plate, photographs the light, and leaves what is called an optical image relationship in the brain. Thus making you conscious of your fellow man around you as what he is. Then you see the ancient says, people say, or these scientists say, you live in Maya, you live in an optical illusion world. He (Jesus) being born among the Hebrew people could not use the word Maya because it would not mean anything to Hebrew people. Therefore he used what was most common in Hebrew word Sat-an, the natural adversary of nature, the polarity. Greeks for love of personality, took the word and made it into an individual, Satan, some individual with a pitchfork, long tail, sitting in a bank of fire or something, trying to stoke the fires of hell with human souls. You see? That’s the concept that has ended up in mythology. The cosmic science is coming out of it gradually. The Eastern people have used the word Maya, but today Maya, Sat-an, only means one thing as far as objective consciousness is concerned, or cosmic consciousness is concerned, it means relativity, the polarities of light in which we live. Without it, nothing is here.
— Adano Ley (1965, Divinity Volume 6, 2:14 minutes)

Part 3 of 3: The Second Phase of This Cosmic Consciousness

(Part 3 of 3)
Now the second phase of this cosmic consciousness would be when you sit down in your home, wherever you are, and step out and recognize the duality, recognize the twofold part of your being. When you do that, sooner or later you are able to have this whole awareness and see it. Now, having it isn’t having it for all mankind because if you know that “thou shalt have none other gods, but me” and “love your neighbor as yourself,” then you see that your own self is locked up in the other individual and it’s struggling in a body form. Though you know you’re everything that doesn’t say that form in which you are temporarily imprisoned by the thought block is functioning correctly, you see? Now, you have to look for that and realize “there for the love of God go I” but what am I doing, am I just sitting back? I know that person will work out his karma, good, but am I giving the necessary vibrations that would ease the tensions in his unfoldment? So when we say we are healing now, I’m not healing one individual no more, I’m healing the entire creation back that each one unfold out, because I’m healing myself. “Physician, heal yourself.” You’re healing back yourself, from your higher self. You’re healing this force. So you have to vibrate now and think of the elemental kingdom, seeing them in a state of light and peace, you have to see the entire mineral kingdom, which we took all our substances from and vibrate it back, we have to send the same thing to the vegetable kingdom, we have to send the same thing to the animal kingdom, the human kingdom, and we have to send it to the spiritual kingdom, and the cosmic principle in ourselves.
— Adano Ley (1965, Divinity Volume 6, 1:37 minutes)

Part 2 of 2: Freedom From Hate

(Part 2 of 3)
Now, the next freedom is freedom from hate, which is love, cosmic love. Everything has to be cosmic love. Now as you graduate from that next freedom, you go into what is called enlightenment, freedom from the ignorance, the ignoring of the laws of life. You begin now to function with the laws of life and as you free yourself from that ignorance, then comes on your illumination, your cosmic nature concerning man on this planet. Now, the first experience in the cosmic nature would be social cosmic consciousness via tourism. Your interest in man as a whole, not just you yourself. Most of us run away and hide in a cave looking for our own cosmic consciousness for ourselves. This is also self interest, this is also ego, it’s not cosmic realization. You see the masters are pointing out we don’t want a cosmic consciousness for the world, we want it for ourselves. We want to know we have something in ourselves that is unique. It’s not true. This is a natural law that will come regardless of ourselves when we are ready for it too. That is by to say the grace of god, it descends on us. This is a principle that where the Christian saints have transcended. They have willingly allowed the grace of god to pour down. You see? They did not go out to look for the thing for themselves personally. They wanted the thing to come down from on high. (to be continued)
— Adano Ley (1965, Divinity Volume 6, 1:35 minutes)