The Realm of Pure Consciousness

We came, originally, from a realm of pure consciousness. Which you may call me a ghost. In that realm, I’m a ghost. I don’t have a body and so Brother Ghost or Sister Ghost, there’s no… We are all ghosts in that… we’re all bodiless entities, you see? Now, yet memory is there, memory of the association with the different body forms are there. You can’t lose that. Now, so, I shouldn’t have no fear for a ghost because I am a ghost already. Now, Thomas said, “Am I seeing an apparition?” “No, you are not seeing an apparition, you are seeing a flesh and blood body. Come, put your hand, feel these things.” Yet this is a peculiar aspect of this flesh and blood body. To show you what is involved in divinity, to show you what is involved in our evolution of life, we are not going back to ghost-ness because we came from the ghost world, we are going on to a higher level of body reality. That is a body that cannot decompose no more in nature. It’s a permanent manifestation of the law of life, but this body exhibit a peculiarity, it casts no shadow. Therefore it permits light to reflect through it uninterrupted. Therefore it can be invisible and yet visible, but that doesn’t say it is empty space because if you take your hand and hit that body, he is gonna feel it. There is body there. For instance when Yukteswar came into the room to Yogananda after he passed through that phase, Yogananda took his physical arms, you know how big he was, and put it around that skinny guru and apply a little pressure. You know what he says, “Come on son, you are squeezing too hard, you know?” He was feeling pain too, you know? So, it’s there. Although that body can do many things, he was still (somebody else says “in a physical body”), right. Now this is the thing that all the Masters are saying, we have to go to this form. We are walking from the lower level of God’s image as matter through a higher level of God’s image as Light to a permanent level of God’s image as non-decaying matter.
— Adano Ley (1965, Sat Guru Volume 3, 39 minutes)

Just a Reminder

Just a reminder, when Adano spoke he was speaking in the moment to the people who were present. Even though these quotes on this website are exactly Adano’s words, because they are not spoken directly to people who are present, your mileage may vary.
— Paul Sakion

More Photos from Mark Harrington

Adano and Margaret Berry in 1975 in Rockland. Photo courtesy of Mark Harrington.


Adano on September 25, 1989 in Tucson. Photo courtesy of Mark Harrington.

Adano C Ley Tucson 09-25-1989

Mark also sent this photo and says, “Here is the glass tiffany style All Souls Fellowship stained glass creation that hung in the living room window at Rockland Ma at Bob ODonnells house. As for the creator of the glass art work, I haven’t a clue who produced that, but everyone back then had those symbols in neck medallion form that Adano had made somewhere.”


A Photo from Mark Harrington

Mark also sent the photo below and writes, “I met Adano my first time in August of 1974, and here is a photo my mother just found today taken in the backyard at Rockland Ma when Adano was performing a wedding ceremony. My mother took this photo, most of the people in that group were from the greater Boston area, but some could have been followers that traveled to hear all of the Satsangs and attend the workshops.” Thank you again Mark!


More Information About Photo

This photo was posted on April 14th and it is from a “Life Stress” course Adano gave in the 1970s. The photo is courtesy of Lelia Saunders, thank you Lelia! Thank you also to Mark Harrington. He sent more information on who is in the picture. He writes, “my mother Sylvia Harrington is standing to the far left, in the striped pants, and next to her is Eva Jane McKinney and that was from Rockland Ma group where to the right of Margaret Berry and Adano is the host of that group Bob Odonnell, who worked with my mother at Honeywell in Wilmington MA, and invited her into that group in 1972, and was initiated shortly there after.”


He Has Crystallized Himself as Flesh

(Continuation of yesterday’s post)

Ok, let’s look at this now. We know he has crystallized himself as flesh. We know this because he has given us this capacity of self knowing. Now, self knowing is one of the functions of self, but what part of this physical body is self? But this physical body knows. How it knows, why it knows, for what it knows for, he’s stumped. This is the dilemma he’s in. It knows though, so knowing doesn’t belong to the body. So knowing is universally there as likeness. You see, it’s a likeness unto us. We are likened to this principle that it knows. Now, it feels and reacts. What part of us can you say is doing it? There is none. Yet, they all dovetail into this mechanism and this mechanism vibrates as a placid movement. It goes on all the time. Now, we then realize that there are only two aspects of this manifestation, a male / female aspect. Now, we also realize that we need help. We can’t do it by ourselves. If we could do this thing by ourselves, everyone would be realized masters. They would not need in the first place any master because, why we need help? God breathed into man the breath of life and man became a living soul. Now he didn’t say that man became a living body. He didn’t say man became a living mind. He didn’t say man became a living spirit. It is specifically stated that man became a living soul, not a dead one either and breath of life had to flow from some point. Breath of life.
— Adano Ley (1965, Sat Guru Volume 3, 33 minutes)

(continues with post from May 21, 2013: “Sensing Soul“)

Moving This Crystallized Light in the Form of Flesh

(Continuation of yesterday’s post)
Now I can’t move this crystallized light in the form of flesh unless I will to move it. If I wish my hand to come to the kneecap, I have to wish, that means I have to desire. There’s a feeling to move it, there’s a need, and if I move it I have to execute some form of energy. To execute some form of energy I have to breath, exhale or contract, and relax and in so doing I execute a law that is going on that I don’t appreciate, but I take it for granted. I snap and kill a fly. I take that for granted you see? But look at what is happening to move it, what is involved in the thing. Good. A lot of principles are in action and we don’t realize these principles. Now, this image is the universal image, therefore we realize that this image has become us already by stopping at this particular level. Now, where is the likeness of this image. The likeness of this image is the ability to move it. The ability to manipulate these laws or else we have no likeness in it. God, the Creative Intelligence is manipulating all his laws and holding them in motion. Now, we say God is at rest, but we must not confuse rest as meaning stop. We must realize that rest means total orbiting movement as a whole and as a total existing force. It’s there at rest in its orbital movement already. It’s not going to go out of its orbital movement unless they change their particular… You know, one out of a billion chances one object will go out of its orbit and come into another orbit, but they are all orbiting.
— Adano Ley (1965, Sat Guru Volume 3, 32 minutes)

God Made Man

(Continuation of yesterday’s post and this is the post from April 7th in context)

God made man. That is to say this Creative Principle, this creative life energy slowed itself down from a conscious flow to a crystallized object. You can’t go any further than matter, you can only go back to pure consciousness. So, how thick is thick? See what I mean? How solid is solid? You are solid already, you have reached the state of solidity. You’ve reached the state of fixation. In other words, there is no hell. This is the hell, or the final fixation of your… Your freedom has been taken away and confined to dumb matter. You are confined to dumb flesh. In other words, the thing has already stopped here. This is the final manifestation of the creation. Now, it’s all the levels preceding this is where the realizations exist. The preceding qualities, it’s not where it stops, the preceding qualities. So the image is matter, but that image is atomic. That means matter is an atomic principle. Now energy is equal to the mass, this atomic mass, times the velocity of light squared. Now that Bible said at one time God made that light first and every Saint in the Bible said, “no man see God, but saw the Light.” Now I’m not talking of a little electrical light, a total Cosmic Light is light because all the atoms are composed out of it. So we are seeing crystallized light, but we don’t realize crystalized light until we try to manipulate it by our will.
— Adano Ley (1965, Sat Guru Volume 3, 0:29)

God Made Man in His Own Image and Likeness

(Continuation of yesterday’s post)

Now, let me show you something, why it has become us and why this thing is so important to realize it as such. The scriptures state, “God made man in His own image and likeness, male and female created them.” Now if you read this from that vantage point, you will think there was some little fellow way off with a fat tummy, which is a symbol of prosperity, because god’s got to be a prosperous individual, jovial and laughing, and that’s the sign of knowing what he’s doing, you know, and he’s going to create now, take a little mud here and a little bit of there and he’s going to make two individuals and push them out on their own. If you read the thing that way and try to understand it, that’s the way you’ll end up thinking of it all the time, but if you try to understand the dimension in which it’s involving you, then you will see something deeper.
— Adano Ley (1965, Sat Guru Volume 3, 0:28)

Regularity is Important

(Continuation of post from April 13, 2013: “Doing the Work Ourselves“)

Now, regularity is important. Now this is one of the hardest things about meditation because regularity entails discipline. That’s why the word is disciple, one who disciplines the five senses to the divine self or guru-ship. God is the guru all in a human body. The human body came along with full realization and meets another human being and introduces him to this divine principle and takes him through this process, but as long as you understand that information, we must now understand the information that is involving a personal action. Now, I’m not saying that one should not rely on the Guru or one should over rely on the Guru, because these are faults in us. These are things we are going to do regardless of how we are trying to watch ourselves. We are going to be over relying on the guru to do everything for us and we are… time is going to say well, “Guru don’t exist for me because he’s not helping me,” you see? Because he doesn’t solve my problem. In other words, I got $50 rent to pay and can’t pay it, he’s not solving my problem. So guru is to blame, it is just as to say God is to blame. In other words, we are trying to point out that in the approach to meditation, the fundamental thing is what this consciousness represents all the time to us. It represents to us all the time the divine creative life. Once we keep this in mind, we are never going to stray, but if we have some other description of what this divine creative life is gonna be, we are bound to stray away into some fantasy, but once we realize it’s a divine creative life and this divine creative life has become us, then we will never suffer the fallacy of being separated from it. We will always maintain an affinity of oneness with it. We will always know that the Divine God is always here, it is never somewhere else. It has become us.
— Adano Ley (1965, Sat Guru Volume3, 0:25)