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Adano Ley audio and video can be obtained at no charge.

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to the Swami Nityananda Saraswati, the Rev. Adano Christopher Ley, N.D. website:

If you do not already know about Adano, you might want to read the "Adano Bio" page first.

If you do, the videos and audio clips are wonderful. A complete list are in the "video" and "audio" pages.

The "Photo Gallery" and the "Links of Interest" have some nice surprises and some places where you can get other perspectives on the Inscrutable Swami!!!

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NEW ADANO WEBSITE BLOG: Click here for the Adano Ley Blog: http://www.adanoley.com/adanoleyblog

This is a place to post your requests for Adano information, comments, etc. It will also be where new material on the site will be announced.

If you have any stories, pictures, or other Adano material you would like added to this web page, please click on our e-mail address below.

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By the way, we just received four more Adano tapes from Colorado. One of the tapes is over 40 years old! When it was run through the tape player, it broke. Most people would have just thrown that tape away, but it was possible to splice and save it. Some tapes have jammed in their warped casings after sitting in a hot car, some have been a jumbled mess after "spilling" into somebody's tape player. So please, please, please, if you have Adano tapes laying around, don't let them deteriorate any further, at some point, it won't be possible to save them. We have transferred and archived over 500 hours of Adano's materials and will transfer your tapes to MP3 (or CD) using professional equipment and send you back the digital version at no charge including the entire archive of Adano Audio and Video. Even if you don't have any tapes, if you are interested in the entire archive, that is possible too. Message me first for details.

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