Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 0:20

(continued from last post)
Now we become what the Master Jesus say, “A pillar in the House of the Lord.” Now a pillar in this building would be a permanent fixture, a part that supports the structure. If you are free from the pull of the senses and the desires then you and the Creator are not separated anymore. You are free in the creation. You are free within this whole structure and in fact you begin to realize that you hold up a part of the structure, you carry a portion of the load of maintaining the structure. You carry the responsibility of seeing the structure maintaining its balance. You carry the involvement of voluntary aiding every form of creation to continue its growth into emergence or liberation. Now those who have achieved this emergence would state in one voice, “If it needs be, I’ll come again and again to raise my fellow man back to his true divine nature.” If it needs be. So we hear the term, “Second coming of Christ.” We hear the term of Krishna coming again. We hear the term Buddha coming again.
— Adano Ley (Resurrection – October 9, 1971 – 0:20)