Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:13

(continued from last post)
So that’s valid, God will clean up His own act via the individuality. Individuality triggered it, individuality can clean it up and resolve it in the unified field, that’s your true self. And last but not least, the atom is eternal, I am made from the atoms. I am 144 elements. I ain’t going no place because who am I? I and the Father are one? Two things equal to the same thing are themselves equal to one another? Am I immortal or am I just a figment of my imagination?
Audience: Immortal.
Adano: Good, then if I’m immortal, then you make the declaration, “I will do the cleanup, or the dirty work, because I trigger it off myself through my individuality as an opportunity to experience differential relationship ’till midnight eternity. In other words God, creating His universe out of a unified field, has to impress back upon His nature the highest integrity of individuality of assuming responsibility for the role as an individual. It’s what you call Superman emerging out of Clark Kent (laughing from Adano and the audience). The maturity of the super being out of the individual. The quality that’s inside of you that must emerge for, what you say, assuming responsibility for being you. Not afraid of it, not running from it. That’s in essence what we are saying and it is there that They’re trying to teach us and we’ll constantly be reminded by it in all the different meditational groups. We’ll have it more and more, seeing it everyday.
— Adano Ley (Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:13)

Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:11

I’ll put it this way, all the knowledge that has come down to us if we were to apply it in our simple way, day to day, these words could be your greatest measuring stick for living in the carbon based body, “I accept the communication of the Saint.” But Their communication has nothing to do with channeling. Their communication is actual manifestation of Themselves for you to check’em out because They’re your brothers and your sisters so They can’t play games in your head. Therefore I accept that type of relationship. The next statement is “there are no sins to forgive, but misapplied decisions.” I accept responsibility to correct my own misapplied decisions no matter where I did them, I accept that responsibility to correct it and if you ask God, “Is there a sin?” He may say, “Yeah, when you don’t look at Me.” Now who is Me? Yourself, you see? So that’s why Jesus put in a nice way by saying, “Love the Lord thy God with all of your mind. You can’t do it with part of your mind, so it gotta be all of your mind so Me is involved in the all and with all of your heart, all of your strength, all of your breath, and your neighbor as yourself. Everything is, but that’s the understanding that brings you to the… that you will resolve all the misapplied decisions that were done and correct them.
(to be continued)
— Adano Ley (Satsang – 3/26/88 – 2:11)

All Night 1 – 11/23/68 – 2:13

(continued from last post)
That one person who went to say that after being in the presence and realizing what was to be done, there was no need to be in His presence because he’s feeling the same thing away from His presence. The whole important thing was how to feel it away from the Master’s presence, you see? (Can’t be heard) to realize that time and space does not have anything to do with a Master’s awareness or presence, it has strictly how you tune in.
Person: Because a Master has omnipresence.
Adano: Omnipresence is this principle of speed of light squared. He is that state already, in that flux, you see?
— Adano Ley (All Night 1 – 11/23/68 – 2:13)

All Night 1 – 11/23/68 – 2:11

Because you have worked out some of the problems in meditation, you understand, these sessions that we are having in meditation, this will make you more receptive to when other great teachers come through like a Lama, or any Master, Charan Singh, or Kirpal, any one of these men come through. The mere desire to meditate in these mens’ presence now would be more to your advantage than their own disciples because their own disciples are not working out the problems. They’re still involved with the lectures. You see? It’s not in the lecture. If it was in the lecture, believe me, all you have to do is turn on the tape recorder and listen to it.
Person: Aren’t they teaching them to meditate?
Adano: They’re telling them to meditate, but they’re not working out with them the sessions, the color to help them to comprehend what is going on. See I met a group of Kirpal Singh’s disciples in California, and the man went to the extent to buy his own church in order to be his own priest. That’s good you know and then he meditate, he has wonderful experiences with his Guru, but then there are problems that come up that he can’t solve. The Guru is not there, the letters don’t solve it, and in meditation well… We had lots of sessions in it. Next time I said, “next time you see the Master in the flesh, don’t go burden Him with questions, sit down and try to tune in and let Him pour His consciousness into you, and you absorb it like a sponge.” So the three of them who were the leaders of the group over there and they were fortunate to go back to India to visit with Him and they remembered what I had said and I saw them when they came back. Well, they were different people all together than when they left. You see? When I first met them they were all ego questions and when I came back they had the understanding of what I was trying to show them. This is where it is. You have to sit down and incorporate this thing into yourself.
— Adano Ley (All Night 1 – 11/23/68 – 2:11)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:24

(continued from last post)
So by focusing at the point between the eyebrow, which is another form of nodding, but there’s a big difference between this type of nodding and the sensual nodding. Sensual nodding, or sensual sleep, eventually ends up as sleep. Meditation is a conscious nodding that which you put yourself in a conscious position to merge with the joy that will come to the body from the sensory nature after eight hours of sleep. The same pleasure that will come to the body, the same sensation of recharging that will come to the body, after eight hours of sleep by pleasurable shutdown in a state of nodding, in an unconscious way, this sensation now is heightened and rejuvenating and can come about in about ten minutes, five minutes. That’s why Jesus says, “None come unto the Father but by Me” and “Come unto Me all ye that travail and are heavily laden and I will refresh you.” We must go now by the true door to shutdown the effect of the ego over ourcells (ourselves) and revitalize ourcells with the Divine Will allied with the I AM-ness in ourcells, then we truly have not pleasure from the sensory nature in the form of pseudo sleep, but we have now true joy, true revitalization of the body by conscious suspension brought on by meditation. Therefore the Saint eventually lives in a fatigue-less state, He doesn’t care for sleep no more. Sleep is nodding like Cain going into the Land of Nod and knowing his wife, knowing pleasure.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:24)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:22

(continued from last post)
If you smell something, don’t you tend to go into a reverie state? Something similar to sleep. That means you want to shut out everything and go into a state of sleep to really experience the depth of it. So when you’re thinking deeply, you’re having a form of union and you’re having a form of pleasurable sensation. So the ego gets its highest pleasurable sensation in a pseudo form of sleep, “nod,” like if all the senses are now starting to heighten themselves by closing in.
Question: That’s so interesting, I’ve experienced that kind of pleasure and I see now why…
Adano: But that pleasure… but it’s not something bad. Don’t go knocking it, it’s just because that’s the mechanics of it.
Question: We want to get rid of that, don’t we?
Adano: You want to understand it to use it differently. You don’t want to use your ego to gain pleasure through sensory suspension. You want the ego to gain joy by transcending sensory suspension. That’s what meditation becomes now. One is joy and one is pleasure. Sensory pleasure, the ego can go into it and quiver. Joy is that transcendency where there are no guilt complexes, where there are no sensations of self-deterioration.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:22)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:20

(continued from post on December 23rd, 2017)
Question: That’s why people after they first find Christ, they have a spiritual explosion, a psychological explosion, isn’t it?
Adano: Alright, their ego is suddenly squelched. The Cain in them has suddenly turned around to become Abel because they have been exposed to Will allied with the I AM-ness, which is the Christ, allied with God. Their own inner nature has now been transmuted. Now they are brought into the garden to feast. With that divine quality, they partake of that new life. So Jesus says, “If I be lifted up, I draw all other men to Me.” If the Will be aligned with the I AM-ness, then ego, lust, greed, humility, and all these different forces will be all be transmuted and changed. Then we have a new being for the first time. So your Garden of Eden is the spiritual psychology and behavior of Man and as you understand it, you begin to see now that the Tree of Life is up in the head, the real brain, and the pseudo-brain is the Solar Plexus. So the Land of Nod, remember it’s sleep, sensory shutdown, which has to do with the ego. Ego goes in to a form of sleep like hypnosis to seek pleasure. Now you want to see how your mind tries to be pleasurable. What is the basic gestures of pleasure? Hmmm? The basic gesture of pleasure (Adano breathes in), you have to pull yourself in.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:20)

Teachings of Jesus 1 – 7/23/71 – 0:27

We’ve come to a point now in our scriptural understanding of Master Jesus where we look upon ourselves and say, “This is going to be impossible, for the churches have told us for years, He is the only Son of God.” And let us go to the Man Himself and read in His sayings if He has ever uttered the fact that He is the only Son of God. The Hindus and Chinese, they accept the idea of Son of God, but they don’t accept the idea of “only” being an individual. They accept the idea of “only” being a principle. A big difference between an individual and a principle. The personal God-head, or the Creative Intelligence in form, is the only relationship we have with the impersonal God-head. Krishna Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or Creative Intelligence or Intuitive Intelligence in man, but they do not accept the body form as the “only” because body forms are required to realize that Principle, the personal God-head. Jesus said, “While I’m in the world, I am the Light of the world.” Every Realized Man who reaches the personal God-head state is a radiant light because it’s moving through Him. He’s come to the realization that this light is flowing. He has done the works and “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not, but let your light so shine before men that they may see the good works and glorify the Father which is in you.” When you make the attempt to release this light inside this mechanism, then you have done the work that is required.
— Adano Ley (Teachings of Jesus 1 – 7/23/71 – 0:27)

Christmas Cosmic Consciousness – No Date – 0:27

Let us enlarge the cup of our consciousness so that the Christ Consciousness can fill us and quench our Soul thirst. As we behold the Christ Consciousness in all individuals, families, races, creatures, we must finally experience Him in the spinal Christmas tree of the bodily temple. There we will discover the Star of Wisdom, the omnipresent Ever New Joy, the Cosmic Sound, Cosmic Light, Cosmic Vibration, Cosmic Wisdom, and Cosmic Love. Every year and every moment, the Christ is recognized in Cosmic Consciousness and the angelic beings all celebrate this glorious manifestation. Let us now celebrate this Christ Consciousness in our own meditation. Let us prepare the Christmas tree of the spine and let us place the eternal gifts on this beautiful spinal tree. The gift of eternal consciousness life, unconditional love, unattachment, service, understanding, self control, and self surrender. And as we place these gifts on the spinal column of the great cosmic Christmas tree, we behold the Cosmic Christ Consciousness permeating us in a golden, blue white light, flowing through us and around us and may this Consciousness lift us up that we be living examples of these glorious gifts and as we permeate our consciousness, not the physical body of Jesus, but the glorious Christ Consciousness that is in all creation, we will then participate of these glorious gifts that we feel in the spinal Christmas tree in the bodily temple. Om, Christ, Gurus.
— Adano Ley (Christmas Cosmic Consciousness – No Date – 0:27)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:18

(continued from last post)
He would be forced to come into the position of humility to be redeemed by Will because Will is a dominant force and if Will takes upon itself to be the ego force, backed up by the I AM-ness behind it, what power has ego got but to become humble? He’s put in the same role, he’s put to walk in the shoes of humility by Will backed up by I AM-ness, but before that if Will was to take the power into its own hand or take the law into its own hands and try to chastise ego, then Will is worse off than ego is. That’s why the I AM-ness says, “No one not even Will,” that’s the Christ-self, “dare not do it.” “I alone will deal it and I give the Will the power.” Now He gives the Will, He has to pass this mantle, this force, this transference. It’s only when the Will is in alliance with the Divine, then chastisement of the ego is a genuine punishment, a genuine correction. Therefore the ego will now learn through humility. Until that time it could not learn it, willpower will try to imitate ego. Therefore the Will will always say, “Thy will be done” but Thy Will is My Will in action. So the two are one for the first time, bringing ego down to its knees and thus making an egoless individual which is a very, very humble individual, but of the highest caliber. So once the ego is reduced to its true humility, then its way back to God is guaranteed. Do you see it now?
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:18)