Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:10

(continued from last post)
Now Abel is struck out by the ego and once it’s struck out by the ego, now the human body takes on its particular dominant tendency. The dominant tendency of the male will appear because ego has struck out humility and the dominant tendency of the female may appear because Cain has struck out, or ego has struck out humility out of it. So when a male or a female appear as two distinct forms, ego is the primary cause to give them their distinctness. The male ego and the female ego gives their distinctness in form and sets them apart. Now this is what the psychiatrist is trying to tell you, you must hold onto. Hold onto your ego, inflate it up, pump it up like a balloon because it’s all you got, but the Saints don’t tell you that because the ego tries to fool itself by lulling the senses to sleep to experience pleasure. That’s why they say “Cain knew his wife in the land of Nod” and to know someone as we say this is, you can’t know them intellectually and if you use the word “know” to mean sexual, that is to indulge in pleasure. So the ego in man or woman dulls the senses which puts it in the form of sensory suspension to heighten or stimulate the feeling of pleasure and the pleasure comes on in that state.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:10)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:08

Now Cain and Abel, these are two forces in this mechanism. Humility and egoism, these are the two forces locked up in man which are the offsprings of reason, logic, and feeling. Adam is logic and reason, Eve is feeling, therefore they have an offspring called now ego, his name is Cain and in counterbalance because ego is greater than humility, it’s called a child of God. God is a super-ego. Didn’t know that eh? Yes, you see Cain was called a child of God, the superego. God is the superego and the lower ego is Cain so Abel is humility. That is something that grovels in the dirt so Abel was someone who found to be of a lower nature that had to bow down in activity. Now these two forces are working inside. Ego will always try to destroy humility, will always try to make a foot-mat out of humility. Any person who is humble and doesn’t try to stand up and act in a passive way, you’ll always find an egotistical person trying to take advantage of them because they do not like to see passive, humble people, so the egotist will always try to bang their heads in or smash it in. So Cain is ego and Abel is humility.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:08)

All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 1:11

We went over to Mexico and as soon as… this is the funniest thing, as soon as I crossed the bridge from the state of Texas into Mexico… This was the oddest phenomena, I don’t know how you want to call it, odd timing, or what it is, snow began to fall, in Mexico! The immigration officer goes “Look at this thing.” I said, “Oh no.” All of a sudden I says “Well, Montezuma has come back” and I handed him my papers and I kept on walking and everybody is amazed to see this snow. Everybody is running out and they are gonna collect this snow. Well they said, “This is the first year of snow in 100 years that snow had ever fallen in Mexico.” In the last 100 years was the last time it ever fell in 1957 and we drove all the way down and it fell all the way up to Laredo, from Laredo to Monterrey, and between Monterrey to Mexico City you could see the truck. They were making snowman and piling it and driving down the road and everybody is shouting and making noise. Here I’m coming along and I said to Sonny, “Well, Montezuma has returned.” And the snow is falling. I was joking, but…
Question: Is that a saying or a legend, it will snow only when Montezuma returns?
Adano: Yes, it was supposed to be when Montezuma returns, snow will fall in the hills of Mexico. That is true, I found out after. You see one time, this was when I was living back home in Guiana, an uncle of mine, he was interested in Mayan history you know and he had collected… and he had one little writings from the life of Montezuma. After Montezuma had been betrayed by his people to the Spaniards and then he died… before he died, you know, he cursed Mexico and the Spaniards. You know they say, “Montezuma’s revenge, the Aztec curse?” You know? When Montezuma returns the hills of Mexico will be full of snow. In other words, in a warm place, he will freeze them all up. One way or the other, he will do something. I remember reading the thing, when Montezuma comes back, so I says when the snow is falling, it flashed right in my mind. Montezuma has returned, jokingly.
— Adano Ley (All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 1:11)

Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:13

Yet the word Brahma means head, the head. This is the portion of the human mechanism that creates or centers thought patterns and centers consciousness. Objectively looking at this, minus the symbology, we can say that Creative Intelligence is pure Cosmic Awareness devoid of all forms, omnidirectional, meaning It can look in any direction now. It’s not limited in any direction. It’s an omni-directional or all directional Awareness. How does this omni-directional Awareness affect creation? The only way It can affect creation, It must come down to some form. So they say the next level of this omni-directional Awareness is Vishnu, the preserver. All right, if you create something out of your mind, you take it from some inspirational point of your being, you’ll get joy. The greater joy will come now from trying to preserve it or maintain it. If you don’t maintain it, you will throw it away. How many of us, when they make something, throw it away immediately? You create something and you look at it and there is joy. You maintain it, polish it, take care of it, there is more joy because it’s using itself, you are using it, it’s acting. The greatest joy will come if you smash it all up and remodel it because you would put a new model into effect. This is Consciousness at work. This is the Creative Principle at work. Now this Creative Principle must come down on a human level, no matter how we try, it must work through us as human beings. We have it in us as human beings. It is for us to recognize it.
— Adano Ley (Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:13)

Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:06

So in reality, Man is reaching out to the Creative Intelligence in the form of joy, bliss, but this bliss is only realizable to its fullest extent when the Creative Intelligence would come down and focus through a human being. Now this is very difficult for a man to accept. It’s easy for Man to accept God as un-manifest, somewhere in some remote region, but not so easy to accept God as this creative principle coming down and participating in human form. When we do accept this, we are going to be liable for idolatry or hero worship or we going to be vulnerable for fanaticism. That is we will go and chop off heads of others to convince them we have the one true god. It is not that God is not flowing down through Man and let alone God becoming active in Man, the problem is Man, at his level of comprehension, cannot see God functioning directly through Man unless Man must be a super-man. If you were a cow you would want a bigger cow to worship. If you’re a dog, you want a super-dog to worship. If you’re a man, the ideal God-man would be a super-man. We have already setup what God is supposed to do for us in the man, not realizing how this principle is working in us when the very God-man will tell you, “I of myself can do nothing, but the Father which is in me doeth everything.” This eliminates any type of ego in the realized man.
— Adano Ley (Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:06)

Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:42

(continued from last post)
You have to trust it now just as much as the woman trusted that if she only touched the garment, not the Man’s body, the physical garment that He wore, to bring about this release, we have to trust now in the Creative Intelligence inherent in the structure of matter around us to bring about the crystallization of thoughts as a reality for the first time. Don’t look at the world around you in some form of disgust as to say, “It’s immaterial or material.” Nothing is immaterial or nothing here in this world is material in the true sense of the word. In the true sense of the word, everything here is a crystallization of a Cosmic Desire. Otherwise we would not be here in the first place. God had to desire to make a creation. He had to set it into action and the action is the end result we see and that end result is us when we look back at it. Now when we accept the responsibility of trying to unite to it back on a personal level, then we will have the experiences of facing God in the levels of descent. The Eastern people call it Avatara. The Western scriptures call it Emmanuel, the God in Man. As we prepare the mind to make this possible confrontation of God on the personal level, then we will be able to experience more and more of the Christ Consciousness within ourselves in time reduction experiences which you call instantaneous. One wise man said, “The greater the realization of the individual” that is to say the greater the comprehension of a human being about his self and his environment, “the greater his impact or control over the environment.”
— Adano Ley (Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:42)

Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:40

In the East, we say “Devotion to God via the personal form enhances the Christ Principle or the Krishna Consciousness.” Well we got lots of people shouting “Krishna Consciousness” and then on this side of the Atlantic or Pacific you got lots of us shouting “Christ Consciousness” and the two are clashing each other’s heads you know vying away at each other. That is not the true comprehension of the Christ Consciousness. Where the true comprehension of the Christ Consciousness comes in is our moment-to-moment participation with the desire action of the mechanism in relation to others around us. We cannot live without desire, we cannot suddenly cutoff all desire. Yet every desire must have an action to be fulfilled or be eliminated. If you have a desire for a cigarette it will be fulfilled. If you have a desire to get rid of it, it will be eliminated. So the desire action within the frame of your consciousness working can now draw upon the collective force field of all around you to release you or elevate you instantaneously.
— Adano Ley (Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:40)

Guru Disciple Relationship Volume 4 – November 1968 – 0:03

(continued from last post)
One time I was walking through, or driving through, in Canada and I saw a little brook with water running, myself and Sonny, a friend of mine, and there was a little grotto. I said, “Let’s stop, it looks like a little shrine.” Way out of the place. We came out and I went up into the little Catholic shrine, there were all kind of crutches, things, everything from people who had been cured and this water was there, and I reached down and I looked at the water and then I put my right hand and I took a little to drink. By the time my hand touched that water, I can feel the Divine Love flow right around like an invisible glove all around my hand and it remained there for days while I traveled from Canada to Mexico and all through that time it emitted a perfume and Sonny put his and it was the same thing. That very night when we were in Mexico, we were sitting down in the motel and from 12 o’clock to 2 o’clock in the morning the whole room was just flooded with this Love like you were sitting, like somebody would slide you in an invisible plastic sheet of love, like somebody was stroking you. A cat appreciates love from a human by stroking it. A lot of men, or human beings, would appreciate the same thing. The same when you go to meet a Guru. There were many disciples that sit down with the Guru and He would touch them. This is the contact, this is the Darshan that’s going on, this is that human contact. It is there all the time, but what is to realize when this thing is taking place in the impersonal aspects when all around you it is happening, you understand? Not only in the one area. Then you realize that you have reached this consciousness to understand what is going on. This is what you want most.
— Adano Ley (Guru Disciple Relationship Volume 4 – November 1968 – 0:03)

Guru Disciple Relationship Volume 4 – November 1968 – 0:02

(continued from last post)
You need that Sat Guru contact, I’m not saying you don’t need it, because this is flesh, this is the way of righteousness, this is the laws of right action that the profound effect of love of one being for another cannot be fully appreciated except by touch. It is not possible. If I look at you all and I say “I love you” I still would like to reach out and embrace you. Why? A mother reaches out to embrace her child, a child reaches out to embrace its parent, a lover reaches out to embrace the lover, the Guru reaches out to embrace the disciple, and the Guru reaches out to embrace God which is again another Master Consciousness and God reaches out to embrace us, but how is He embracing us? By human contact, by some form of contact. You can be meditating and God can reach out through you and make contact through you. This presence of love so intense as if to say you slide into an invisible glove that fits your entire body of Divine Touch.
— Adano Ley (Guru Disciple Relationship Volume 4 – November 1968 – 0:02)

Guru Disciple Relationship Volume 4 – November 1968 – 0:00

That is what you call the total surrender to the Divine Will of the Guru. Never questioning Him for no moment. Now the Guru at another incarnation is going to make you experience another type of association with Him, that is the monkey relationship with its baby. The baby jumps on the monkey’s back, holds on, that’s the do-it-yourself attitude, and momma reaches out one limb here and one limb here, never letting go til she’s got a one firm. In other words she’s knows how to exist and survive. She fights the battle of life demonstrating to baby monkey how to do it. Most of us pass through a Guru-Disciple relationship like a kitten with its mother. We’re being nurtured all the way through our incarnations. We’re nurtured to God by divine devotion and divine help and intercession all the time, but there comes a time when you gotta take hold of the rein, the Guru-Disciple relationship and you got to do the work. They can only carry you that far or nurture you that far. You got to finally step-up, stand-up on your own. In other words, you gotta come to a stage were you gotta be master of yourself. No matter how slow and painful and how limited or how inefficient this mastery may appear to your consciousness or five senses, deep down in the inner self that mastery is going on far more profound than you can realize and Masters, that’s Their work to make you conscious of this thing.
— Adano Ley (Guru Disciple Relationship Volume 4 – November 1968 – 0:00)