Teachings of Jesus 1 – 7/23/71 – 0:27

We’ve come to a point now in our scriptural understanding of Master Jesus where we look upon ourselves and say, “This is going to be impossible, for the churches have told us for years, He is the only Son of God.” And let us go to the Man Himself and read in His sayings if He has ever uttered the fact that He is the only Son of God. The Hindus and Chinese, they accept the idea of Son of God, but they don’t accept the idea of “only” being an individual. They accept the idea of “only” being a principle. A big difference between an individual and a principle. The personal God-head, or the Creative Intelligence in form, is the only relationship we have with the impersonal God-head. Krishna Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, or Creative Intelligence or Intuitive Intelligence in man, but they do not accept the body form as the “only” because body forms are required to realize that Principle, the personal God-head. Jesus said, “While I’m in the world, I am the Light of the world.” Every Realized Man who reaches the personal God-head state is a radiant light because it’s moving through Him. He’s come to the realization that this light is flowing. He has done the works and “the light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehends it not, but let your light so shine before men that they may see the good works and glorify the Father which is in you.” When you make the attempt to release this light inside this mechanism, then you have done the work that is required.
— Adano Ley (Teachings of Jesus 1 – 7/23/71 – 0:27)

Christmas Cosmic Consciousness – No Date – 0:27

Let us enlarge the cup of our consciousness so that the Christ Consciousness can fill us and quench our Soul thirst. As we behold the Christ Consciousness in all individuals, families, races, creatures, we must finally experience Him in the spinal Christmas tree of the bodily temple. There we will discover the Star of Wisdom, the omnipresent Ever New Joy, the Cosmic Sound, Cosmic Light, Cosmic Vibration, Cosmic Wisdom, and Cosmic Love. Every year and every moment, the Christ is recognized in Cosmic Consciousness and the angelic beings all celebrate this glorious manifestation. Let us now celebrate this Christ Consciousness in our own meditation. Let us prepare the Christmas tree of the spine and let us place the eternal gifts on this beautiful spinal tree. The gift of eternal consciousness life, unconditional love, unattachment, service, understanding, self control, and self surrender. And as we place these gifts on the spinal column of the great cosmic Christmas tree, we behold the Cosmic Christ Consciousness permeating us in a golden, blue white light, flowing through us and around us and may this Consciousness lift us up that we be living examples of these glorious gifts and as we permeate our consciousness, not the physical body of Jesus, but the glorious Christ Consciousness that is in all creation, we will then participate of these glorious gifts that we feel in the spinal Christmas tree in the bodily temple. Om, Christ, Gurus.
— Adano Ley (Christmas Cosmic Consciousness – No Date – 0:27)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:18

(continued from last post)
He would be forced to come into the position of humility to be redeemed by Will because Will is a dominant force and if Will takes upon itself to be the ego force, backed up by the I AM-ness behind it, what power has ego got but to become humble? He’s put in the same role, he’s put to walk in the shoes of humility by Will backed up by I AM-ness, but before that if Will was to take the power into its own hand or take the law into its own hands and try to chastise ego, then Will is worse off than ego is. That’s why the I AM-ness says, “No one not even Will,” that’s the Christ-self, “dare not do it.” “I alone will deal it and I give the Will the power.” Now He gives the Will, He has to pass this mantle, this force, this transference. It’s only when the Will is in alliance with the Divine, then chastisement of the ego is a genuine punishment, a genuine correction. Therefore the ego will now learn through humility. Until that time it could not learn it, willpower will try to imitate ego. Therefore the Will will always say, “Thy will be done” but Thy Will is My Will in action. So the two are one for the first time, bringing ego down to its knees and thus making an egoless individual which is a very, very humble individual, but of the highest caliber. So once the ego is reduced to its true humility, then its way back to God is guaranteed. Do you see it now?
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:18)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:16

(continued from last post)
When it knocks it out, it finds out that is not the way to come to God by ego. You must come by the way of humility to God, but because ego has already done the damage of taking upon itself to dominate the lower functions of the body and assert its superiority over humility, Will could not take upon itself and correct it because Will is the next dominant force. Anger, lust, greed are not dominant forces over ego. You see? Will is a dominant force over ego, but he could not do it upon itself. Therefore it had to call upon the I AM-ness. The I AM-ness has to come in and says, “No one lay a hand.” In this whole hierarchy, no one of these functions there take upon themselves the law into their hands to punish ego. “I alone will punish ego” and He branded it. They said, “the mark of Cain was placed upon him apart to sort him out.” So the ego nature would now be recognized as a force to be dealt with from the I AM-ness, but the Will was then given the power by the I AM-ness to redeem the ego. By redeeming the ego, the ego would have to suffer the very same punishment which he administered to the brother humility.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:16)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:14

(continued from last post)
But it is said, “The Lord has given the power unto the Son” to perform the action. That means the Will is empowered as a force within the body to make correction over all the dominant failures of this mechanism. Most of all over ego, which is Cain, because ego kills. Ego is self destructive and only Will as a dominant force can put it back in its place, but this permission to put it back in place must come from the I AM self. That’s why “unto the Son is given that power.” With the permission of the I AM, the will can then correct ego, but until that time the Will cannot even take upon Itself to chastise or correct ego.
Question: Does that mean that you cannot come to God Realization through humility?
Adano: Wait a minute, wait a minute, humility was killed by ego. How is it going to atone, how is it come back? We will come to God by humility. Remember this, God accepted the sacrifice of humility over the sacrifice of ego. Cain is ego, Abel is humility, and Abel’s sacrifice was accepted. It does not say that man does not come to God by humility. Your ego can knock out your humility.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:14)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:12

(continued from last post)
So the individual begins to realize that his ego, that part of his nature that is dominating him, is marked once his humility has gone out of him. Now it says when Cain killed Abel the Lord says, “Vengeance is mine, no one kill Cain.” Well naturally, Adam is reason, Eve is feeling, Abel is humility, Cain is ego, which other force is dominant in the body now that can destroy ego? Greed can’t do it, anger can’t do it. If they try, they have a right, but they “dare not raise their hand.” Lust dare not raise his hand, neither love. “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord. I will deal with him.” I, the I AM, will deal with ego because “I AM that I AM” and the ego is only an I AM and it’s not the I AM, I AM. He’s got to learn who’s the real I AM and He’s going to deal with him and show him who is the big I AM in this whole shebang. So this is where the ego has to come to learn its lesson. “I will deal with him. No one lay a hand, not even Will. That means the Christ. Not even the Christ can lay a hand, that’s the Will because Will must submerge to My Will. Even the Christ has to say, “Thy will be done.” The I AM that I AM’s will must be done. It’s Sat Purush, the God-self. So even the Christ in itself cannot chastise.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:12)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:10

(continued from last post)
Now Abel is struck out by the ego and once it’s struck out by the ego, now the human body takes on its particular dominant tendency. The dominant tendency of the male will appear because ego has struck out humility and the dominant tendency of the female may appear because Cain has struck out, or ego has struck out humility out of it. So when a male or a female appear as two distinct forms, ego is the primary cause to give them their distinctness. The male ego and the female ego gives their distinctness in form and sets them apart. Now this is what the psychiatrist is trying to tell you, you must hold onto. Hold onto your ego, inflate it up, pump it up like a balloon because it’s all you got, but the Saints don’t tell you that because the ego tries to fool itself by lulling the senses to sleep to experience pleasure. That’s why they say “Cain knew his wife in the land of Nod” and to know someone as we say this is, you can’t know them intellectually and if you use the word “know” to mean sexual, that is to indulge in pleasure. So the ego in man or woman dulls the senses which puts it in the form of sensory suspension to heighten or stimulate the feeling of pleasure and the pleasure comes on in that state.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:10)

Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:08

Now Cain and Abel, these are two forces in this mechanism. Humility and egoism, these are the two forces locked up in man which are the offsprings of reason, logic, and feeling. Adam is logic and reason, Eve is feeling, therefore they have an offspring called now ego, his name is Cain and in counterbalance because ego is greater than humility, it’s called a child of God. God is a super-ego. Didn’t know that eh? Yes, you see Cain was called a child of God, the superego. God is the superego and the lower ego is Cain so Abel is humility. That is something that grovels in the dirt so Abel was someone who found to be of a lower nature that had to bow down in activity. Now these two forces are working inside. Ego will always try to destroy humility, will always try to make a foot-mat out of humility. Any person who is humble and doesn’t try to stand up and act in a passive way, you’ll always find an egotistical person trying to take advantage of them because they do not like to see passive, humble people, so the egotist will always try to bang their heads in or smash it in. So Cain is ego and Abel is humility.
— Adano Ley (Householder Adam and Eve 7 – 9/1972 – 1:08)

All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 1:11

We went over to Mexico and as soon as… this is the funniest thing, as soon as I crossed the bridge from the state of Texas into Mexico… This was the oddest phenomena, I don’t know how you want to call it, odd timing, or what it is, snow began to fall, in Mexico! The immigration officer goes “Look at this thing.” I said, “Oh no.” All of a sudden I says “Well, Montezuma has come back” and I handed him my papers and I kept on walking and everybody is amazed to see this snow. Everybody is running out and they are gonna collect this snow. Well they said, “This is the first year of snow in 100 years that snow had ever fallen in Mexico.” In the last 100 years was the last time it ever fell in 1957 and we drove all the way down and it fell all the way up to Laredo, from Laredo to Monterrey, and between Monterrey to Mexico City you could see the truck. They were making snowman and piling it and driving down the road and everybody is shouting and making noise. Here I’m coming along and I said to Sonny, “Well, Montezuma has returned.” And the snow is falling. I was joking, but…
Question: Is that a saying or a legend, it will snow only when Montezuma returns?
Adano: Yes, it was supposed to be when Montezuma returns, snow will fall in the hills of Mexico. That is true, I found out after. You see one time, this was when I was living back home in Guiana, an uncle of mine, he was interested in Mayan history you know and he had collected… and he had one little writings from the life of Montezuma. After Montezuma had been betrayed by his people to the Spaniards and then he died… before he died, you know, he cursed Mexico and the Spaniards. You know they say, “Montezuma’s revenge, the Aztec curse?” You know? When Montezuma returns the hills of Mexico will be full of snow. In other words, in a warm place, he will freeze them all up. One way or the other, he will do something. I remember reading the thing, when Montezuma comes back, so I says when the snow is falling, it flashed right in my mind. Montezuma has returned, jokingly.
— Adano Ley (All Night 2 – 11/23/68 – 1:11)

Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:13

Yet the word Brahma means head, the head. This is the portion of the human mechanism that creates or centers thought patterns and centers consciousness. Objectively looking at this, minus the symbology, we can say that Creative Intelligence is pure Cosmic Awareness devoid of all forms, omnidirectional, meaning It can look in any direction now. It’s not limited in any direction. It’s an omni-directional or all directional Awareness. How does this omni-directional Awareness affect creation? The only way It can affect creation, It must come down to some form. So they say the next level of this omni-directional Awareness is Vishnu, the preserver. All right, if you create something out of your mind, you take it from some inspirational point of your being, you’ll get joy. The greater joy will come now from trying to preserve it or maintain it. If you don’t maintain it, you will throw it away. How many of us, when they make something, throw it away immediately? You create something and you look at it and there is joy. You maintain it, polish it, take care of it, there is more joy because it’s using itself, you are using it, it’s acting. The greatest joy will come if you smash it all up and remodel it because you would put a new model into effect. This is Consciousness at work. This is the Creative Principle at work. Now this Creative Principle must come down on a human level, no matter how we try, it must work through us as human beings. We have it in us as human beings. It is for us to recognize it.
— Adano Ley (Recognizing Christ Consciousness – 5/6/72 – 0:13)