Prayer and Meditation

Meditation is one step further than prayer. That doesn’t say that man does not pray and I don’t want you to go away with the ID (idea) that this is going to detract from a religious involvement of your life that you pray. Far from it. I am only trying to point out that by the meditative process of disciplining the emotional nature, you will really know how to pray for the first time and discover that prayer is a means of communing with the higher self.
— Adano Ley (1965 Meditation Kriyas, 00:00)

Realization and the Uniqueness of the Moment

So the person who is realized, he isn’t wiser, or better than. That isn’t what the word realized means, or implies. It is a person who has come to accept that each moment is unrehearsed, each moment is unique, and each moment is all they have. So some wise man wrote a long time ago, “after looking through my life, I come to realize that I have to live every moment of my life from now on as if it were my last moment.” That’s the way he summed it up. Because he doesn’t have any moment to look forward to or look back on. There is no way I can pick up yesterday or tomorrow. It is a respiratory principle and worrying about others wouldn’t solve the problem. What we can do for others is keep the thought of a cooperativeness which you yourself would feel in your present time frame as you cooperate with your timeframe. This particular condition will go out to help others to sense this cooperativeness and it gets stronger in them and they begin to cope with situations instead of panic. More important is that you accept that there are moments in your life that you will be threatened with situations that you aren’t prepared for, you’ll feel competent or incompetent, but until it happens or you have to live it, what would you do, worry about it?
— Adano Ley (March 28, 1988 Tucson, 00:22)

The Science of Self Realization

With your next knowledge, astro psychology or astrology, which sets the foundation for time now. Every master has to know time thoroughly because he cannot work outside of time, he works with time, not with clock time, cosmic time. So he knows astro psychology or astrology and he builds from there parapsychology or knowledge of the extra sensory nature. He knows this properly because he is going to differentiate between the mystic or the fakirs and the true saint now. So he closes the triangle by meditation, the science of meditation. At the apex he puts what is called the weather vane and that is called self realization. And he has built the temple.
— Adano Ley (June 2, 1965 Man is Soul, 22:26)

(– Paul, for the “Adano would have loved this” file)

Guru / Disciple Relationship

The greatest relationship in the human body is the guru / disciple relationship. There is no other relationship, not even the mother / father relationship, that can compare with the guru / disciple relationship. It is the only true relationship. Why? The guru is a manifestation of soul in active life, and the disciple is an individual who thinks he has a soul to discover that he is soul sometime when the guru extracts him from that uninformed condition. You see the disciple always thinks he has a soul, he doesn’t know he’s soul. The guru knows he’s soul all the time. The day the realization, the enlightenment, has manifested itself in the guru, the guru is soul. The disciple is not enlightened, the disciple is not free, he is restricted by his habit patterns.
— Adano Ley (1965 Volume 2 Dreams, 39:39)

The Cherokee Word Adano

The Cherokee word for soul is ada:n(v)do. It’s semantic meaning, deconstructed from its root, ada nv a, indicates that someone or something is in transit, moving from place to place. This transitory vision of this mutable and mobile essence has its origins, according to Fogelson, in the aboriginal Cherokee belief that four primal animate life forces emanate from the human body.
— From The Night Has a Naked Soul, by Alan Kilpatrick

Attitude, Interest, and Service

To build a temple, you have to have a basement and the basement is called, attitude. Building the first basement in your life is attitude. Your parents should have the attitude so their offspring will carryover attitude right away, you see? Now a master is born to parents who already have the attitude. You never hear of a master being born to parents without the right attitude. The attitude is there. They couldn’t build a temple, they couldn’t give the offspring any impetus. So they themselves got to build for the offspring. So attitude is established as the basis. Then the next line up is interest. This cannot die in your life, you cannot let interest die out, so there is no stagnant moment in your life, you see what I mean? There is no moment in your soul life where you are gonna lose interest. All life becomes interest because all life is soul now on a bigger scale. And from that you close up the next angle in service. You are forced to render service. With this service then you close the ceiling.
— Adano Ley (June 2, 1965 Man is Soul, 20:45)

You are Soul

You are in the body with unfulfilled desires and you are exposed to knowledge that the Creative Will is supposed to guide your life. Therefore you crave to go back to the Creative Will to guide your life. Now, until you have overcome spiritual life, you are craving to go back. You have to realize that you are Soul. The moment you realize Soul, there is no going back. You are Soul, you broke the chain. “I AM that I AM.” “I and my Father are One.” These are all realizations, affirmations of the fact that you are Soul. Realization of the fact that you are Soul comes when you are building it now. “Build me a temple that I may dwell in the midst thereof.” (Adano Ley, June 2, 1965 Man is Soul, 19:40)

We ARE Soul

Our whole lives are concentrated on “having” so we think we still believe we HAVE a soul, when we ARE soul. Now if you are soul, to live the life of soul is a different process, a different sense of focus, a different sense of evaluation. It’s no longer emotion with passion, it a reverse emotion that becomes devotion now, contemplation. You see you can be in the world and not of the world. That doesn’t say you are a cold potato. You can stay in this world of pure love and at the same time you can be in love or be loved or wanting to be loved. The three last statements are all ego, the first one has no ego. If you are love, what are you? Consciousness. You are not imposing, not requiring, in fact you are the first to serve. (Adano Ley, Aug 1968 Intuition 1, 6:34)