One of the strangest things about meditation is that once you break into this consciousness, you can go into it. It is in there alone that the whole library of the Universe and its laws of creation come out. When a man said that he found some new invention, he didn’t find it by reading in a book you know. He pondered upon it and by pondering upon it, the superconsciousness, or the intuitive nature came down with the id (idea) from that realm. And then he saw that id (idea) and then he tried to impress that id in the geometrical or mathematical form. And from that mathematical form or blueprint, he tries now, in a simple way and sometimes in a complicated way, to take fixed structural matter to put it together. And each year he has got to keep making a new model of it. But the id (idea) is still there.
— Adano Ley (1965, Sat Guru Volume3, 0:01)

How is God Working?

Because how is God working in subtle ways? He is working as the vital life force, the vital awareness of human beings, for human beings. Therefore God is in man already, but man cannot recognize it, he can only feel it. He can’t see it, but when he feels it, it is that condition of feeling that impinges on the consciousness for him to act. It makes him act in a more refined, a more sane, sanitary way, actually a non-destructive way. This is what really works with him.
— Adano Ley (1965, Sat Guru Volume3, 00:00)

The Doom and Gloomers

Many Adano initiates have been talking and have been comparing how Adano told different people different things. Several people could even attend the same Satsang and get totally different messages. This was a common occurrence. It was probably due to personal karma and because Adano was able to reflect back to the person who they really are. That’s one reason why Adano told everybody to check out what he said to their own satisfaction. One of the things he told everybody was the “doom and gloomers” will always be with us, but that the earth would exist for another four billion years. He also said, “Man will never be in a state of lack of education, he will never reach the state of total over population, and he will never reach the state where he will destroy himself.”
— Adano Ley (September 1972, Householder Satsang 23:00)

Some Form of Contact

We seen then that we must have some form of contact and that is where the eyes are important. The eyes act as a two way camera. It photographs images from the outer world and also images from the subconscious and superconsciousness realms, the electrical nature. Our waking mind or conscious mind, reacts to retinal impressions. Observing images, objects, persons, that are in line with the vision. How then may a person see Jesus? This is the question tonight. We who have lived and have read of Jesus who has lived thousands of years ago would like to perceive him, not as a mental image, but the body of Jesus and the bodies of all saints who have lived on this earth plane and were immortalized in Cosmic Consciousness, God. It is possible and the Great Ones can appear before us anytime.
— Adano Ley (Christmas, Cosmic Consciousness, No Date, 10:00

The Experience of Oneness

We are so close to the experience of oneness if we can just program the mind to work with simple techniques. The oriental people have learned it so they use a candle, or they use a picture, or they use a photograph, something to center. And you say “I want to merge with the Master.” Isn’t that the common term you use? “I want to be one with the Master?” It is the same as saying I want to be one with the little flashlight. The image has nothing to do with the inner experience. The inner experience is a bridge between the physiological will and the psychological will in order to experience omnipresence which is a sense of oneness or at-one-ment. This is also a feeling of outside-ness of your body. Yet you are never really outside. Because outside of where? You have always been outside, but you were looking down and trying to hold onto this, calling this the reality, but when you break the illusion of the psychological level and see that “hey you’ve been free all these years and never knew you were free,” but dreams are the only way to help you to remember that you are free and most people get dreams that they are always traveling someplace, flying someplace. This is to remind you that you have always been outside. So don’t block them, the idea is to recapture them and start focusing them.
— Adano Ley (Unmarked, No Date, 2:20)

Paul’s Realization

Paul came to the final realization that the miracles were not the essential purpose of life, understanding the truth is the real purpose of living, how to function in a guilt free state. So he said “I rebuke you in your rejoicing, for I live and die daily in the Lord.” Meaning he was able to phase in and phase out on the cosmic tape called oxygen that produces the phenomena called consciousness or identity which made the intimacy of self beingness, worthiness now, the greatest joy. That was his rejoicing for the first time. He was rejoicing in self beingness.
— Adano Ley (Tucson, No Date, 22:22)

Godliness is Practicalness

Godliness is practicalness, you will discover that for yourself. That’s why this gathering today is not a religious gathering and the friends that have invited me here are friends. I love you, but I’m not in love with you because to be in love is to fall out of love and then I’ll blame myself for making the mistake, but to love you, we have a wonderful relationship, wonderful communion, very unending, very rewarding. That’s different.
— Adano Ley (Statement of Love, No Date, 8:00)

Acid and Alkaline

You need a little acid and you need a little alkalinity to be healthy. It is not 100% acid and it’s not 100% alkaline, it is 80/20, you have to have the balance. That’s one of the emphasis of macrobiotics, the acid / alkaline tone because modern science is hammering it away because that’s what’s so obvious in the chemistry, but the timing again regulates its beneficial results.
–Adano Ley (Solar, No Date, 3:30)

Third Rule of Solar Nutrition: Live to Eat to Get Sick

The third rule is “live to eat to get sick.” See, that’s nature’s way. If you don’t eat to get sick, you don’t appreciate nature. You would be very egotistical and bombastic. So nature has rules and laws designed to make you respect her. One, there is only a certain length you can stretch you leg before she will snap it. There is only a certain amount of food you can put in your tummy before she busts it. There is only a certain type of food you can put in there before you vomit it. She is very smart so she knows how to make you sick. When you like to show off and put it in and think you can outdo nature with your mind, but nature runs your body. She doesn’t give a hoot what kind of mind you got. Mind over matter, that’s a bunch of baloney. It used to work years ago, but it don’t work no more. Because why? You think you got a big mind, you are going to prove yourself and then your body lets you down and they bury you.
— Adano Ley (Solar at Houston Clinic, No Date, 07:15)

The Second Rule of Solar Nutrition: Place and Prosperity

The second rule, there is a time, a place, and a season for everything and I am going to underline “time, place, and season.” The time has to do with your health. Your whole body is regulated by time. There is no way you can get around the timing when it comes to health. What you eat and when you put it in keeps your health, but when you put it in is more important. The place also regulates your pocketbook, if you are in the wrong place you will go broke. You can do anything you like, but you won’t make it and in the right place, everybody wants to give it to you so that’s evidence of fact.
— Adano Ley (Solar at Houston Clinic, No Date, 02:00)