Godliness is Practicalness

Godliness is practicalness, you will discover that for yourself. That’s why this gathering today is not a religious gathering and the friends that have invited me here are friends. I love you, but I’m not in love with you because to be in love is to fall out of love and then I’ll blame myself for making the mistake, but to love you, we have a wonderful relationship, wonderful communion, very unending, very rewarding. That’s different.
— Adano Ley (Statement of Love, No Date, 8:00)

Acid and Alkaline

You need a little acid and you need a little alkalinity to be healthy. It is not 100% acid and it’s not 100% alkaline, it is 80/20, you have to have the balance. That’s one of the emphasis of macrobiotics, the acid / alkaline tone because modern science is hammering it away because that’s what’s so obvious in the chemistry, but the timing again regulates its beneficial results.
–Adano Ley (Solar, No Date, 3:30)

Third Rule of Solar Nutrition: Live to Eat to Get Sick

The third rule is “live to eat to get sick.” See, that’s nature’s way. If you don’t eat to get sick, you don’t appreciate nature. You would be very egotistical and bombastic. So nature has rules and laws designed to make you respect her. One, there is only a certain length you can stretch you leg before she will snap it. There is only a certain amount of food you can put in your tummy before she busts it. There is only a certain type of food you can put in there before you vomit it. She is very smart so she knows how to make you sick. When you like to show off and put it in and think you can outdo nature with your mind, but nature runs your body. She doesn’t give a hoot what kind of mind you got. Mind over matter, that’s a bunch of baloney. It used to work years ago, but it don’t work no more. Because why? You think you got a big mind, you are going to prove yourself and then your body lets you down and they bury you.
— Adano Ley (Solar at Houston Clinic, No Date, 07:15)

The Second Rule of Solar Nutrition: Place and Prosperity

The second rule, there is a time, a place, and a season for everything and I am going to underline “time, place, and season.” The time has to do with your health. Your whole body is regulated by time. There is no way you can get around the timing when it comes to health. What you eat and when you put it in keeps your health, but when you put it in is more important. The place also regulates your pocketbook, if you are in the wrong place you will go broke. You can do anything you like, but you won’t make it and in the right place, everybody wants to give it to you so that’s evidence of fact.
— Adano Ley (Solar at Houston Clinic, No Date, 02:00)

The First Rule of Solar Nutrition: A Little of Anything…

The first rule of Solar Nutrition is a little of anything is medicine for your system, too much is toxic. I will underline anything and toxic. And the person responsible for this statement is a guy called Confucius. The only problem with it is that a little for you is not a little for me, each person’s little is different so we can’t trust the word little, we have got to me more specific in terms of measurement. That’s how come we find out research goes on today, what “little” fits everybody. So we can’t say a little will work, we have to be more specific, if is a gram, milligram, or half a gram or whatever it is. That’s what makes it work.
— Adano Ley (Solar at Houston Clinic, No Date, 00:00)

Knowing the Physics

So here we have the right to eat on time by the light, the right to eat by lunar because of the pressure, and the right to eat anytime and bless it. But don’t eat anytime and don’t bless it because it will muck you up. (Comment from a student, “So Therese Neumann knew the physics.”) The thing is this, you learn the physics not from a school or a book process. After working with your body it becomes so obvious that they puzzle, “where did you get your knowledge?” You begin to see the phenomena is working through you. Your mind begins to zero in on it and then if you want to go validate it because you suddenly discover this wealth of awareness of yourself, you will find that most of the data is written in some book, but never put down in a way to comprehend it. So they are actually experiencing that today now.
— Adano Ley (Solar 3, No Date, 32:45)

Feeling the Air Around Your Skin

Feel the air around your skin. That air blowing against your skin is creative love, sustaining the universe. Within that air there are many gases and they all have different fragrances. Only one sustains the consciousness and all the other accentuate our quality. The more you feel the warmth of the air, the more the love is intensified in your body. Feel all the texture of the skin relaxing, absorbing and nourishing itself from the air. You are nourished directly throughout the entire surface of the body. (a short meditation follows)
— Adano Ley (Rebirthing Guided Meditation, No Date, 27:18)

Moksha or Liberation

Now we as human beings can bring ourselves up to the christ state, or the master state. We must attain masterhood. We have to attain this state, “none come unto the father but by me.” We all have to come to that state of development. Then from that state inward, it is god himself, the creative intelligence, that pulls us up. We have a physical lift from the body itself and you may find yourself lifting off the ground going through these states or you may see internally how the electrical structure is developed and you go into what is called Moksha or liberation. But this is internal, one can’t see this on a physical level, one has to see this on the extrasensory level.
— Adano Ley (Involvement / Emergence, No Date, 00:00)

Consciousness and Conscience

Consciousness is your awareness through your five senses to relate to the environ which you live in. Conscience is the beingness of your nature in which you have to live all the time with. Now, you can have mental tug of war in making decisions with your mind, but if you are going to make a final decision, act it, it is your conscience that will make that decision, not your consciousness. If you have to make a choice by your consciousness, you will start to debate with yourself, should I or should I not. That dualistic condition exists in your consciousness and by virtue of past experience, your conscience will make the final decision for you to act. And whenever you act it out, whatever happens from that action, that is what you got to live with. That is the sum total of you, not your consciousness, but your conscience because you will have to carry the memory of it and there is where you made the decision from, its made from the decision of a memory pattern. Your conscience is your memory patterns locked up already. And because you never hear the words “guilty consciousness,” “guilty conscience.” You are suffering with a guilty what? Conscience, not a consciousness. See the consciousness can never be guilty, consciousness is a dualistic movement in us, allowing us to make a choice, but whenever we make the choice in the final action of allowing the body to experience, this is determined by conscience.
— Adano Ley (9/1/1973, Simran Nutrition Chants Meditation, 27:30)

Mind Wandering

Mind wandering is one of the basis of ineffective meditation. When the mind keeps wandering, it wants to go back outside. It can’t stay inside. The only way you can keep this mind steady and go back inside and keep it centered is doing that Simran, repeating that holy name, hallowing it, hallowing the name of the lord all the time. You get the mind centered, there is no other way, no other technique works sufficiently enough to keep the mind centered. Now, we can talk of it, hear about it, try a little bit everyday, you know, normal routine of living, but until we get into a session, like a retreat where it is hammered in every second, how much you can really get this mind to center itself, you cannot break that pattern. It will stay for you with years of mental drifting. It will always be there until you hammer at it. It is like trying to dig a hole through a rock wall with a nail, but this is exactly what is happening. Your mind is in levels, it offers tremendous resistance to any attempt to harness it or direct it.
— Adano Ley (9/1/1973, Simran Nutrition Chants Meditation, 00:00)