You are Soul

You are in the body with unfulfilled desires and you are exposed to knowledge that the Creative Will is supposed to guide your life. Therefore you crave to go back to the Creative Will to guide your life. Now, until you have overcome spiritual life, you are craving to go back. You have to realize that you are Soul. The moment you realize Soul, there is no going back. You are Soul, you broke the chain. “I AM that I AM.” “I and my Father are One.” These are all realizations, affirmations of the fact that you are Soul. Realization of the fact that you are Soul comes when you are building it now. “Build me a temple that I may dwell in the midst thereof.” (Adano Ley, June 2, 1965 Man is Soul, 19:40)

We ARE Soul

Our whole lives are concentrated on “having” so we think we still believe we HAVE a soul, when we ARE soul. Now if you are soul, to live the life of soul is a different process, a different sense of focus, a different sense of evaluation. It’s no longer emotion with passion, it a reverse emotion that becomes devotion now, contemplation. You see you can be in the world and not of the world. That doesn’t say you are a cold potato. You can stay in this world of pure love and at the same time you can be in love or be loved or wanting to be loved. The three last statements are all ego, the first one has no ego. If you are love, what are you? Consciousness. You are not imposing, not requiring, in fact you are the first to serve. (Adano Ley, Aug 1968 Intuition 1, 6:34)

The Banana of Christianity

Christianity is the banana that I have to eat, but I can’t eat a banana that it rotten without any skin because the bugs will get it before I get it. So no amount of truth in the world is totally isolated from fixation, orientation, and organization. All truth are locked in that way. The person who is in the process of unfolding has to discern between the fixations of “who” versus the actual of “what is.” And that is your journey, that is your cross, that is your challenge, and that is your accomplishment. All through it is breath. You don’t breathe, you can’t do it. (Adano – 5/15/1987 Solar 3A)


We can get pretty hung up on this term meditation and not be meditating. Sitting down and closing your eyes is no proof that you are meditating. Your mind can be wandering. What you are trying to do in meditation is to experience that you are here and the first three things you want to experience: peace, consciousness, strength. The fourth thing is a bonus, the extrasensory forces come to you. You don’t have to look for them. The first three things are personal disciplines on one’s nature and that is what you are accomplishing in the meditation. You are actually sitting down and acquiring this inner consciousness, inner peace. We can sit down here tonight and meditate for 10-12 hours and many of us may not get anything, some of us will get something. Yet we can sit down and meditate for 15 minutes and everybody can get something, or none of us will get anything. So again, it is how we react inside. Conversation don’t help us to experience meditative, only by doing it. That’s why I would like us to really get some meditation now so we can really know what we are doing inside. Unless you go into it and start to feel it, you don’t know what to work for. No one can say what he is going to feel in it until he experiences it, then he knows what he is experiencing. That is what he is striving for.
— Adano Ley (November 2, 1968 2 Volume 1 SpiritQ1RRNW6 1:08)

Why Do Masters Die?

Why do Masters die? Masters are only realized Souls who use the physical frame for exemplary service to other individuals who believe they have a soul, until they have enough strength to shut off the concept and stand up on their their own two feet. Then they go on and leave them knowing they are now capable as living as Soul. –Adano Ley (Nov 2, 1968 Volume 1 Spirit #2)

Beingness Acting on Consciousness

The next level down is Beingness acting on Consciousness. Here we find Consciousness appearing and the sense of the I Am. If there is no “I-Am-ness,” then there would be no separateness. It is easy to come away from the Lord, or the pure Being and say “I Am” a being, but difficult to return back to the pure being and say “here Being, I am Being.” It takes mind to recognize Being, but Being does not accept mind. Mind has to surrender to Being. In Beingness acting on Beingness, there is no mind. It is all Oneness. Therefore in Oneness, there is no separateness. And the feeling of separateness only occurs in the mind, it does not occur in the Beingness of you. It’s torture to be separated from the Lord and live in that nightmare of the mind. That is why we are coming down. But because we are given choice, we can rectify the separateness. The choice is to follow Divine Will. His Divine Will is that we do respond to His desire of perfection. Now if we don’t respond to it, then we retard the perfection, or delay it, and then the separateness becomes intense. Then we start wandering, making mistakes by our choice.  — Adano Ley March 1972 Emergence

Beingness Acting on Beingness

The first level coming down from the Creator is Beingness acting on Beingness, there we are all equal, all One, and the sense of Oneness is very imminent for those who can remember it and those who rediscover it. Those who carry that memory of Oneness never lose it incarnation after incarnation, we still retain the Oneness. This is what Jesus telling and all the great Teachers are telling us, that Oneness with the Father. You see someone in the room and you do not know why you suddenly gravitate to them. But it’s that Oneness that sense of bond that holds us together, the Love. Though we may know each other in many incarnations, yet behind the incarnations, that bond of Oneness does exist. So don’t be carried away with the fact that we have incarnated, separated, and recognizing each other. In reality, it is the Oneness that pulls us back together. That is the real true feeling and true experience when your memory is opened up.
— Adano Ley March 1972 Emergence

Resistance in Manifestation

The basic resistance in manifestation. Fiat Lux: to break the resistance of darkness, light was necessary. This resistance does not last, “all things comes to pass, not to stay” because of time. Resistance acts only as a period if you recognize it, otherwise it will continue to haunt you.
Adano Ley (June 2, 1965 Man is Soul)

Source of Supply

In consciousness, there is an inexhaustible source of supply as well as an inexhaustible source of fulfillment in relation to the eternal life of the Self. This eternal principle is what makes for Divinity.
— Adano Ley (Adano 1965 Volume 6 Divinity)

I Me Be

Quote from Adano Ley: “You can’t become unconscious of the Me in you. The I is constantly reminded by the Me because Be will always be there presenting the bill to I and Me is the bill. So, for that reason, we gain this by the process of going through. When there is no more Me to clean up, would Be be satisfied? Be will not be satisfied, because Be itself would be bored and start again creating an I to give it freedom to generate a use for Me. Me would emerge again from the Be. Come let us make Man in our own Image and Likeness. Be cannot stay stagnant or non-active.”